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Campaign Background Information, Structure, and Ways You Can Help

The Divine Mercy Center relies on it’s tremendously generous patrons to be able to provide the community with this place of peaceful refuge centered on the Mercy of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Our members and visitors become the the heart and hands that make our mission of prayer, healing and hope possible. We rely solely on the generosity of people like you to maintain and grow this place where the message of Jesus the Divine Mercy is perpetually celebrated.

On the accompanying pages, you will find our plans to support and grow our ministry. Here you will find the many opportunities for us to become, literally, the hands of our Merciful Savior. We need you! Without you, none of this is possible. From the smallest contribution, to the most generous sacrifice of time, talents and treasures, we exist and grow only with your support and involvement. Would you consider joining us as a Servant of Jesus of the Divine Mercy? Or perhaps if you’re already an ardent supporter, would you consider deepening your commitment to spreading the the Infinite Mercy of our Lord, Jesus Christ?

Each of the campaign projects represent a need that is vital to the sustenance and growth of the Divine Mercy Center. We pray that after perusing the opportunities to strengthen this ministry, you would be inspired to join us. Or perhaps you could share this page with others who you believe could help. Here are some of the numerous ways you can get involved .

Time Donations: There are so many day-to-day tasks that need personal attention at the Divine Mercy Center. And when there is an event planned, the list grows tremendously! No special skills are required to help out, but if you happen to have one that you could offer, it would be greatly appreciated! Even a small amount of your time would make a big difference.

Monetary Donations: Perhaps you will find a Campaign Item that is close to your heart. Your donation of money will help, or perhaps completely fund, that need. There are numerous opportunities to sponsor a specific cause that will continuously bless and benefit others, and could simultaneously pay homage to a devotion of your choosing.

Skills Donations: Many Campaign items are projects that will only be realized if people with specialized skills volunteer to share their abilities. If you’re a person who has a skill, and you’re looking for way to serve God by offering the gifts that he gave you for the cause of spreading His Mercy, then we need you! We also need people who can become Project Coordinators. If you have the managerial and organizational skills necessary to plan and execute one of our Campaign Projects, what a blessing that would be for us all!

Whatever form your blessings on the ministry takes, know that your offering never goes unnoticed. You, or perhaps a loved one you wish to memorialize, will be recognized and remembered by acknowledgment on our Donor’s page, Donor Memorial Board, or Memorial Plaques.

Please prayerfully consider if you are being called to serve God through the Divine Mercy Center. Every expression of love you offer is greatly appreciated and is absolutely vital to the existence and growth of this ministry. Thank you so much for your consideration!

“One by One, and Every One Counts”
Jesus (A Call to Trust, May 1996)