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Project: Altar Renovations & Related Work

Chapel Renovation Stained Glass
If you’ve visited the Divine Mercy Center in recent months, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the beautiful additions to the worship space, especially around the altar! We’ve installed a new altar, tabernacle surround, ambo (lectern), celebrants’ chairs, and Stations of the Cross. We have come a long way since we began renovations and are excited to see the final projects come to fruition.

Current Altar Projects:
Our Lady of Sorrows stained glass window (a companion piece for the currently installed Divine Mercy stained glass window)
Baldacchino (a new ceiling and lighting above the altar with decorative painting on the soffit above the altar)
Lighting installed over the devotional artwork

The funds that are raised from our annual fund raising events go directly to the considerable amount of resources needed to keep the buildings and 13 acres of property operating and maintained, to serve the needs of those who visit the center and sustain all of our ministries, and to provide for operating expenses and staff support. When you see beautiful improvements such as the ones mentioned above, it’s entirely due to the generous donations of individuals and businesses that support the additional needs of the Divine Mercy Campaign.

If God has placed it on your heart to help make these important projects a reality then please click one of the above buttons. All donation blessings, big and small, will be greatly appreciated, and will translate into the fruitful enhancement and advancement of the Divine Mercy Center’s mission and vision!