Christine’s Testimony

“I used to come here when it was St. Claude’s Church because they had evening Mass which I always needed when I would go on vacation. One day, I heard the church closed and that the Divine Mercy Center was going to come in its place. I visited and it was such a beautiful place and I knew Catherine Lanni when I worked at St. Ronald’s church. I already knew she was a spiritual person. I understood that this was not a church but a place of prayer where they would have Mass once a week. I decided to start coming to Mass on Wednesday and for Adoration.

I had a stroke in December and was not able to do much. I had a calling to do something more for the church than just be a certified catechist. I feel like I have a calling to be a prayer minister, which I am hoping to become. God is merciful and this is such a beautiful prayerful place. Catherine Lanni talks about the two rivers that would meet which is Reconciliation and the other is the Holy Eucharist – the Body and Blood of Christ. This is the place the two rivers meet. I love the Catholic church. We need to stand up and speak up for the church. This what the Divine Mercy Center is about and it is inspires me.

The feelings I have when coming here are so great. I have been in different situations in my life and praying here, asking the Blessed Mother for intercession, I feel relief here. I have had so much pain on my right foot recently and I came here I prayed and I asked in Jesus name for it to go away and it did. I want to be a Servant of the Divine Mercy. Right now, I take care of the plants in the building on Mondays. I am retired so it gives me something to do. I love to come and water the plants.”

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