Dedicated to The Divine Mercy

As a resident of Dearborn, many are in awe of Kathy Crombie’s dedication to the Divine Mercy Center and its mission as she and her husband regularly make the 28-mile trip out to Clinton Township to attend services and events. The trip, however, says Kathy, is worth it.

“So often people tell me that it’s too far to go. All I know is that the 35-minute drive to the center is well worth it,” she explained. “When I get there, not only am I greeted by friendly staff and volunteers, but I know Jesus, The Divine Mercy, is waiting for me to arrive and join Him in the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy. I just don’t think it gets any better than that.”

Kathy has been involved at the center for many years, serving the center in a number of ways. She has served as a board member, has been a guest speaker on a variety of topics, and also serves as a lector. Kathy and her husband are sustaining monthly donors and regularly attend events and fundraisers for the center.

In addition to attending and contributing monetarily to the Divine Mercy Center’s events and fundraisers, Kathy has gone above and beyond in emceeing a number of events. Most recently, she emceed at the 2018 Mission of Mercy fundraiser.

“As the emcee, I was privileged to see all the behind the scenes work, and the hours and hours of planning and preparation that goes into an event like this,” she explained. “I was also privileged as the emcee to see how generous and committed the guests were to the continuing work of the Divine Mercy Center. We are blessed to have the Divine Mercy Center in the Archdiocese of Detroit.”

It was also at last year’s Mission of Mercy fundraiser that Kathy and her husband won a week-long trip to Florida from the highly anticipated auction. The pair stayed in a privately-owned luxury townhouse in Clearwater, just 30 yards off Tampa Bay.

“We could walk out the front door, stick our feet in the water, and watch friendly fishermen catch some very large fish from the dock,” she said. “Great restaurants, museums, beaches, shopping were all around us. We’re hoping this generous donor puts their property up again for this next Mission of Mercy auction … we’d love to go back. What makes this auction item even more special, is that all the proceeds went directly to the Divine Mercy Center.”

Each year an immense amount of work goes into making the Mission of Mercy fundraiser an enjoyable event for guests.

“The Annual Mission of Mercy is the biggest fundraiser of the year for the Divine Mercy Center,” Kathy said. “It always amazes me how the staff and volunteers completely transform a portion of the center into a stunning environment for all in attendance to enjoy a truly wonderful evening. As a guest, family and friends at my table always have a great time and can’t wait to come again the following year.”

In addition to Kathy’s participation at events, she has written/painted several life size icons for the center.

“There are actually two icons God wrote through me that are installed at the Divine Mercy Center. The first is ‘The Icon of Jesus, The Divine Mercy’ and the other is ‘Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mother of Mercy’,” she explained.

The first was commissioned by Catherine Lanni, while the second was commissioned by an anonymous donor for the center.

“Both original icons have been reproduced for the Divine Mercy Center, in various sizes, and can be purchased in the Gift Shop,” Kathy said. “All proceeds from the sales go directly to the Divine Mercy Center.”

Kathy’s dedication to the center and its mission continues.

“There is no doubt in my mind that God healed Catherine Lanni many years ago, and that He is continuing to lead her in the Corporal and Spiritual works of Mercy through the ministry of the Divine Mercy Center,” Kathy said. “Our Lord has touched and physically/spiritually healed many individuals through this ministry.”

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