Help Wanted!

Door to Door Evangelists

We have gone out and knocked on hundreds of doors in our community. But that’s not enough! Our neighbors need to know that we are here to pray with them, pray for them, and that they are welcome, wanted, and needed. One by one and every one counts! Please continue to go our as often as you are able, so we can reach our goal of visiting every house within St. Thecla’s boundaries.

Here are some of our observations:

What I noticed is that when people get a chance to tell their story – talk about where they are from, how many people are in their family, how long they have lived in the neighborhood – they really get excited. Also, anyone we offered to pray with happily joined in.

-Fr. Brian Cokonougher

Pastor, St. Thecla Parish

Going door to door to evangelize was like taking the time to walk down the street to say hello, and meet a new neighbor at times. Some people are open and friendly and enjoy meeting you too. Others may politely let you know they’re not interested. Many aren’t home. But the only way to meet someone, to know our neighbor, is to knock at their door. As we do our part in faith, we can trust God will open the doors before us.

-Dave Tworek

Parishioner, St. Thecla Parish

It was great to go out into the community and see how familiar the people are with the outreach. Everyone we met were friendly and most open to hear what we had to say.

-Sarah Poirier

Women of Jesus’ Merciful Passion, Divine Mercy Center

You are invited to be a part of this too!

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*While all are welcome to attend all sessions, only one session is needed to become a fully equipped door to door evangelist. We need you!