Robert’s Testimony: The Divine Mercy Center and the Power of Prayer

Robert Muha is not an official prayer minister but is truly inspired by the prayer ministers at The
Servants of Jesus Divine Mercy Center and believes he has a call to pray for others. “I pray all the time at
work,” he said. “I pray for families and our students at school.”

He works at an all-girl school, Detroit National Academy for Young Women near the Blessed Sacrament

He first learned about the center through a friend. He attended a luncheon and then began attending
mass, the chaplet and Rosary prayers at the old locations some eight years ago.

He has been hooked since. He not only continues to attend when he has a chance, but he has
volunteered his time for the center doing landscaping and other work around the center.

“It truly is an uplifting place,” he noted. “It reminds me that we are doing the Lord’s work and we are
lifting people up.”

He has helped during the summer months when he is not at school and has coordinated efforts with the
school and the Divine Mercy family by helping coordinate food baskets for Thanksgiving and Christmas
for families in need at his school.

During his day job, he works with kids on attendance, counseling, those who struggle with grades and
have family issues. All the while he prays for them. “So many are dealing with issues like homelessness
or anger issues,” he said. I try to mentor them.”

For Robert, what he does at work is really part of his ministry and an extension of his involvement at the
Divine Mercy Center. “I truly pray for my girls every day,” he said. “I meet with families of kids having a
hard time and I meet with counselors to see what we can do to help them. I ask them if I can pray for
them. In five years, not one parent has said no.”

As for the Center, “I always brag about it,” he said. “I send people when I can. I think it’s a real special
place. Catherine Lanni is amazing. I work closely with Benedetta. I think highly of all of them and the
prayer ministers and it’s a special place.”

Robert was in a car accident on December 29, 2016. His truck was totaled. He still has neck and back
issues from it. “I had trouble walking,” he said, “and I went to the center for prayer and not only did the
prayer ministers pray with me but the prayer minister also told me that I had a gift for intercessory pray.
I asked to pray for them as well. I ask the Lord to bless their work.”

Robert recalls an old boss at a former job and how she always asked him to pray for someone or
something in her life. “It was practically every week she would ask me to pray and I finally asked her why
she was asking me and she said, ‘you’re the Lord’s boy. Whenever you pray for me, somehow, he

So, I encourage people to pray. We get busy and we underestimate the power of prayer. When I am
working, I am praying.”

He takes that prayer to the center and posts the request in the boxes there. He once prayed for a former
gang member – a boy named George who desperately was looking for job. “At first, I didn’t take it to
prayer and was so frustrated that George wasn’t finding a job and finally I took it to prayer and then a
day later he called to tell me he landed a job. Don’t ever underestimate the power of prayer.”

Something he is reminded of every time he visits the Divine Mercy Center: “Our own Blessed Mother
said in apparitions that our prayers have averted war. Don’t ever stop praying.”

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