Thomas’ Testimony: A True Divine Intervention

It was friends who introduced Tom and Joan – husband and wife – to the Divine Mercy Center. They started attending mass at the center and would volunteer at the former location. “I passed out food in the neighborhood and Joan helped with landscaping and building maintenance,” said Tom.
Tom also started becoming active with the fundraising activities at the center. “I used to do a lot of that with Habitat for Humanity and churches in Grosse Pointe and eventually Benedetta asked me to be on the Board.”
He served on the board for a couple of years and continues to volunteer. It wasn’t long after they started attending Divine Mercy Center masses and events that both Tom and Joan needed prayers themselves. They reached out to the prayer ministers at Divine Mercy Center.
“Health issues came into play at the time I started on the board,” said Tom. “I was having problems breathing. I could be stationary or moving, it didn’t matter, I just couldn’t breathe. It was not activity induced breathing problems.”
Visits to a cardiologist and a series of tests resulted in no diagnosis. He ended up at the University of Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor and the pulmonary doctor there couldn’t find anything wrong with Tom either.
“I was so frustrated with the whole deal,” he recalled. “There seemed to be no resolution; I was frustrated and scared.”
At the time, Tom was attending a men’s bible study and they passed out a booklet which he read in the wee hours of the morning when he was unable to sleep. Around 3 a.m. he decided others need to see the messages from the book.
“I read it and made notes to my wife Joan,” said Tom. “I went on my computer and sent notes to people at work saying, ‘I am working while you are probably sleeping.’ While I was on my computer at 3 a.m., I saw an email from Catherine Lanni.”
She was writing Tom about being woken up by a strong urge to pray for him. She started praying and Jesus appeared and said he fixed a leaking artery in his heart.
Then, Jesus held out her hand and shined a bright light in my abdomen, she explained in the email. “I didn’t tell Catherine or my doctors that I was having severe abdominal pain,” Tom said. “After I read Catherine’s email, my breathing problem and abdominal pain went way.”
Shortly after, Tom visited with his cardiologist and shared with him the healing and the doctor replied, “well Tom the man upstairs has a lot more tools than I do.”
At this point, Tom was a practicing Presbyterian even though he grew up Catholic and attended 10 years of Catholic schools. When he married, Tom and Joan followed the Presbyterian church.
At one point, Tom felt a strong urge to receive communion. And so, one day at the Divine Mercy Center there was a Jesuit priest- “Father Ozzie” from the University of Detroit. “He did a lot of interpretation for Catherine on her initial writings,” noted Tom.
“Fr. Ozzie celebrated mass every Wednesday at the center,” said Tom. “I was there at retreat on a Saturday and Catherine said Fr. Ozzie was here and he would like to talk to me. We talked for about an hour and I told him that I had this strong urge to receive communion.”
He heard Tom’s confession and absolved him and encouraged him to rejoin the Catholic church. “I went to communion that day,” said Tom.
His health issue continued. Tom has been a Type 2 diabetic for 25 years and gave himself four insulin shots a day for 24 years. He recently saw a new endocrinologist who put him on different insulin yet, not too long after, Tom was off all insulin.
“It has been Divine Intervention,” said Tom. “It makes no sense, otherwise. …I feel it is truly a miracle – a gift from God.”
Meanwhile, his wife Joan suffers with severe arthritis, has had several hip replacements and spine surgery. Three years ago, she had a Kidney Transplant. “Our daughter Erin was living in China at the time and she came home to donate her kidney to her mother,” said Tom.
Erin just told Joan, “‘If we are a match Mom, I am coming home and I am giving you my kidney.’” As it turned out, Erin was a match, and the rest is history.
After the operation, Erin had to wait a month before traveling. “As we drove her to the airport Joan said to Erin, “I gave you life and you gave me life back.”
“It has been a wonderful experience participating with the DMC. I have seen the Ministry flourish and grow and I cherish what they do for both the community and their Membership and visitors… It is really a special place – “a beacon of light, faith and hope.”
“I bet I send Benedetta and / or the Ministry prayer requests three times a week for people who are really sick,” noted Tom. “I have not even completely kept track of whether they healed – many have been – but I know everyone has felt comforted knowing others are praying for them.”
Joan and Tom also have two grown sons. They continue their commitment to their faith. They are grateful for the prayers and Tom’s healing and prayers for Joan’s health from the Divine Mercy Center.
They love the Divine Mercy family and all it has to offer. “We just love everything about the center and how meaningful the Daily Messages are,” said Tom. “The Ministry has had a positive and major impact on my life and the lives of many others.”

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